Jiaotong University Alumni Association is a civil society authorized by China Ministry of Civil Affairs and has an official registration. It involves all the alumni from SJTU, XJTU, SWJTU, BJTU.Southwest Jiaotong University Alumni Association is a branch of it. The overseas alumni range fromAmerica,Canada,Japan,Australia,Brazilto Chinese Hong Kong andTaiwanareas. Thus, Jiaotong University North America Alumni Association and Australia Alumni Association etc. have been established. And the oversea alumni associations founded by our university includes Los Angeles Alumni Association, Hong Kong Alumni Association, North California Alumni Association etc.

Thousands of experts, designers, community leaders and marvelous administrators including more than 40 Academician have been cultivated in this university during the hundreds of years. More than 200,000 graduates have been sent out for the construction of the country especially in the development of Rail Traffic. Their outstanding accomplishment greatly improved the reputation and social impact of our university.

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