Professional Laboratory of Urban Rail Transit Underground Works

    In 2010, a special construction fund of 3.89 million yuan has been put into the construction of Urban Rail Transit Underground Works Laboratory, which has laid a solid foundation for the school to forge a new major. In August, 2013, we were granted a project funding of 5 million yuan for improving basic school facilities by Ministry of Education of the Peoples’ Republic of China. The fund has already been in place and expectedly the lab will be completed in July, 2014. So far, the laboratory has received funds amounting to 9 million yuan. With advanced instruments and well-qualified staff, the lab is to rank among the leading laboratories in China.

Train Operation Dispatching Command Laboratory

The Train Operation Dispatching Command Laboratory is established to improve the core professional skills by the application of simulation technologies. The lab plays an important role in propelling teaching reform and improving student’s practical abilities. This training platform has significantly upgraded students’ professional skills, and received applauses from the employers. As a result, no graduate faced unemployment after graduation. The former Railway Dispatching Office of Chengdu Railway Bureau holds that this lab has a promising future and deserves further promotion. Document No.274 [2003] issued by Science and Technology Department of Sichuan Province affirmed that the Train Operation Dispatching Command Laboratory is original, advanced and practical. The lab ranks among the leading group with broad application prospects.

Engineering Training Center of Mechanical Engineering Department

    The engineering training center of mechanical engineering department was established under the guidance of Basic Requirements of Engineering Training Centers Construction for Colleges by Mechanical Fundamental Course teaching Steering Committee. Covering 2,000 square meters and installing experimental equipments that worth 6 million yuan, the center is to cultivate students’ practical skills and innovative spirit.

Comprehensive Experimental System

of High-speed Railway Traction Power Supply

    Invested over 4 million yuan, the Comprehensive Experimental System of High-Speed Railway Traction Power Supply consists of four sub systems including Traction Power Supply, Power Quality Monitoring, Comprehensive Compensation of Active Power and Load Simulation of Electric Locomotive. This system can simulate the working conditions and the characteristics of the existing electrified railways. Meanwhile, it plays an irreplaceable role in building students' professional knowledge, skills and operation ability.

Urban Rail Transit Control and Operation Laboratory

    Urban Rail Transit Control and Operation Laboratory, was planned and designed by Computer and Communications Engineering Department and Transportation Department, and was contracted to build by a third-party company. With an investment of 11.6 million yuan from the Ministry of Education and Southwest Jiaotong University, the construction of the lab started in 2011 and will complete by the end of this year. The lab covers an area of 1600m2 with 4 floors and installs many urban rail transit equipments, including a section of the high-speed rail. The lab focuses on the signal control, operation and management, providing training platform and scientific research programs for students major in Urban Rail Transit Control, Railway Signaling, Control Survey, Computer Science Application, Communications Engineering and Transportation.