Campus Trade Union Committee

 Campus Communist Youth League Committee

 Office of CPC Committee

 Organization Department (Party School)

 Publicity Department (United Front Work Department, News Center)

 People’s Armed Forces Department of Party Committee (Security Department of Party Committee)

 Student Affairs Office of Party Committee

 General Branch of CPC



 Office of the President

 Office of the Provost

 Office of Human Resources

 Office of Budget and Finance

 Office of Student Affairs

 Office of Science and Technology

 Office of Inspection and Auditing

 Office of Campus Planning and Construction

 Office of State-owned Asset

 Office of Public Safety

 Office of Retired Faculty



 Logistics Group


 Modern Education Center

 Institute of Higher Education

  Information & Network Center

 Liaison Office in Tangshan



 Department of Civil Engineering

 Department of Mechanical Engineering 

 Department of Electrical Engineering

 Department of Traffic and Transportation 

 Department of Computer and Communication

 Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

 Department of Foreign Languages 

 Department of Accounting 

 Department of Basic Course 

 Department of PE