Governor Wei Hong Directed Entrepreneurship Program

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On September 24th, Vice Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Party committee and Governor Wei Hong arrived in Mount Emei Maker DreamWorks(MEMDW) and visited youth entrepreneurship. During the visiting, Governor Wei express his compliment to makers for their innovation and entrepreneurship abilities,especially the students in charge of the six programs in Emei.Meanwhile,he promoted makers to expand the entrepreneurial platform,emancipate the mind, proactive in innovation, and encouraged people to start their own business and make innovations.  

Some other officers participated in the research,including Luo Qiang,SecretaryGeneral,Sichuan Provincial Government; Tang Jian,Secretary,Leshan Municipal Committee of the CPC; Luo Jiaming,Deputy Secretary,Leshan Municipal Committee of the CPC and Secretary,Mount Emei Municipal Committee of the CPC; Ning Jian,Member and SecretaryGeneral,Leshan Municipal Committee of the CPC;and Yuan Jiale SecretaryGeneral,Leshan Municipal Government .   

Under the introduction and guidance of factory director, Governor Wei visited the pioneer park and focused on asking the condition of six programs.Coming to the front of Bopaile UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) program, he inquired the prospect of UAV development and the problems during the entrepreneurship in detail,and concernedly asked for the makers’ learning condition.  Then, he talked with makers of Zuiying Studio and microcomputer exploitation respectively, heard their entrepreneurship experiments and problems and gave them some good suggestions. “The key point is creativeness.”He pointed that works should  strengthen the connection with investment funds, in order to change them into marketable products.After finishing the visit,Governor Wei encouraged makers to take advantages,integrate resources, reaffirm changing advantages into productivity and try to make the better success again.



It is said that MEMDW is an important platform for makers to share knowledge,exchange originality,achieve entrepreneurship dreams.It covers 142 mus(94667),totally invests 160 million, designs five theme areas including innovative entrepreneurial service and makers,Internet+ and high-technology,culture originality and education training,regional features and comprehensive service. Nowadays,44 maker companies concentrate on culture originality,regional features,Internet+(e-commerce) and so on. The six campus entrepreneurship programs have been operating in MEMDW. The UAV program has signed the contract with an Emei helicopter company, and Zuiying Studio has made a cooperation with municipal government. 


In the recent years, the campus has been responding positively to the national strategy encouraging people to start their own business and making innovations and offering innovative entrepreneurial platform for young students. Firstly, getting local government’s support to operate SIYM entrepreneur training which has totally trained 2060 students free. Secondly, building campus undergraduates(youth) innovative entrepreneurial base which introduces eighteen programs in twice to offer fixed places to young entrepreneurs.Thirdly, setting up Leshan municipal undergraduates innovative entrepreneurial club to offer the communication place to entrepreneurs. Fourthly, paying attention to the entrepreneurial tutor team construction, and campus has four teachers getting SIYB lectureship certification from Employment Training Center in Sichuan Province.Fifthly, attaching importance to make a cooperation between university and regions, especially strengthen the program communication with local innovation parks of Qingbaijiang District, Mount Emei City and so on. Sixthly, To follow the principle “if the condition is mature,apply immediately ”,applying for allowance to entrepreneurial programs actively and fourteen programs has gotten the provincial financial support. (Youth League Committee)