On September 24th, Vice Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Party committee and Governor Wei Hong arrive

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 FLTRP Cup English Speaking, Writing and Reading Contest-Sichuan are held in E’mei Campus on 24th, October. There are more than 100 students from universities and colleges in Sichuan competing in FLTRP Cup, excitedly and surprisingly. Although the competitions are furious, there are three students making achievements: Chen Fan from Department of Traffic and Transportation wins the second prize for Public Speaking, He Ting from Department of Foreign Languages wins the second prize for Reading and Li Xiaojuan wins the third prize for Writing.

FLTRP Cup English Speaking, Writing and Reading Contests are held by FLTRP, ELT Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education and English Major Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education. These three contests aim to enhance capability for applying foreign languages and guided by speaking, writing and reading.

Department of Foreign Languages makes efforts for these contests, choosing excellent teachers to guide students. Reading contest is held for the first time this year, and we do not have any experience about it.  Department of Foreign Languages overcomes difficulties, makes student-oriented plans for them. Chen Fan, He Ting and Li Xiaojuan look up to our expectations and display their excellent English. We hope that they can make more achievements and progress. We also hope that students of our campus will work harder and  make progress!